Mountain Gorilla in Uganda Forest

The Gorilla makes it to the big five animal list

The popular Big Five animals worldwide for decades have been known to be; Buffalo, Rhino, Elephant, Lion and Leopard. Much as these big five might have no any scientific relation but rather just a list of 5 animals that trophy hunters back in the day categorized them as most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt, hence most prized. At the moment, safari adventurers and explorers have had these massive animals on top of their lists of must see animals on any adventure to Africa.

Wildlife Conservationists, charities and Photographers have come up with a better idea to create big five list of wildlife photography rather than hunting but shooting with a camera not a gun.

The New Big Five also highlights what they find as some of the most sensational, spectacular & critical species of the animal kingdom, yet their existence is threatened thus the need to draw attention to them. The conservation of these new list of big five animals is key to the survival of many other species in the ecosystem.

The new list of big five animals include; Polar Bear, Gorillas, Tigers, Elephants and Lion

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